NETWØRK produces web app's for SieMatic

The Hamburg production agency NETWØRK, have long worked for SieMatic realized a large number of the WebApp's kitchen manufacturer from Westphalia. Various product brochures and also the 220-page book SieMatic are now provided in HTML5 web apps for iOS and Android, all within six languages, the SieMatic company websites. A separate WebApp icon can be saved to the home screen.
With the own WebApp technology magazines Network produces in addition to WebApp a flash version for viewing with the PC browser. Both versions are available via the same URL, smartphones or tablets will be automatically redirected to the WebApp. About Google Analytics analyzed the SieMatic there use.
"Since browser bars are hidden completely, our WebApp's indistinguishable from native app's" as Network Director Sönke Martensen. Compared to a native app needs a WebApp not to be downloaded from the AppStore, but can immediately start with the tablet or the Smartphone are considered.

Production Agency with environmental certification

The Hamburg production agency NETWØRK was certified as the first media production company by the city of Hamburg Environmental Partnership. After examining his extensive voluntary environmental performance, production was awarded Agency Network of the Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Environment and as a partner of the Environmental Partnership certified.
"We feel an obligation to make an active contribution to environmental protection. Would be very happy about the award by the City of Hamburg, "says managing director Sönke Martensen.
The body of the Hanseatic city assessed the various environmental activities. Sun inter alia Check the environment by the CCI, the successful development of carbon-neutral company, for NETWØRK works, the third annual carbon neutral, as well as various activities for sustainable media production. This includes the FSC and PEFC registrations.

Network produced Eurocamp brochures with cross-media publishing system for print, web and iPad.

NETWØRK also produced this year for several countries the printed catalogs of the English tourism company Euro Camp, this year for the first time web and iPad versions. The services of the agency, were next to the purchase of technical services for the creation of catalogs of English 2013er camping trips provider euro camp, the production line, and also the pre-press performance for these demanding print products. NETWØRK coordinated inter alia external service providers such as creative agency, translators, printers and bookbinders. For several years, the agency has been producing many publications with its own content management system, the catalogs for the long-term customers Euro Camp. This allowed significant time and cost savings. inter alia the translation process. The design of the catalogs by the advertising agency VFS & P, which was also to be connected to the system of network. With its own web magazine technology production agency realized this year in addition to all national issues including web and iPad versions of the different catalogs. more

Pfeiffer Vaccum annual report is produced again by the production agency NETWØRK

Production Agency NETWØRK was asked for the fourth time in a row by the TechDAX company, Pfeifer Vaccum Technology AG in Asslar, with the purchase of technical services for the preparation of its annual report, the 2012th This year again, the entire pre-press services, was of image editing on Final artwork to print data creation, passed to the implementation agency. The production line, this sophisticated print product was re-awarded to NETWØRK.

NETWØRK one of the first certified climate-neutral production agencies for media production in Europe

The warming of our planet as a result of the greenhouse effect is a global phenomenon. The principle of climate neutrality is based on this awareness. Emissions generated at one location can be offset by supporting climate protection projects in another part of the world. At NETWØRK, as a climate-neutral company, the amounts of unavoidable CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from energy, travel etc. are offset by promoting forest protection in Kibale National Park in Uganda.

NETWØRK now also FSC® registered

As the only forest certification system, the FSC is supported by environmental and social welfare associations such as WWF, Greenpeace, NABU and IG Metall. NETWØRK is FSC registered to support the organisation for responsible forest management and to be able to provide competent advice regarding print production.

NETWØRK now PEFC™ registered

This forest certification system was initiated by associations of the central-European forestry and timber industry. Here, small forest owners in Germany, Austria and Sweden, for instance, are certified without individual certification through their associations. NETWØRK is now PEFC registered to support the promotion of sustainable forest management and to be able to provide competent advice on the use of certified paper.

NETWØRK offers editing system

To complement its production management, NETWØRK offers clients the use of its editing system. The NETWØRK Corporate Publishing Server is the central nerve centre that connects all staff members and service providers involved in the production process of a publication. It provides a clear overview and transparency in each project stage and serves as a flexible, scalable platform for the dissemination of multimedia content.

NETWØRK has new website

Completely redesigned to reflect the current range of services, the media production agency’s website now features a sophisticated new look. NETWØRK’s previous website was showing its age. Today, the company’s services mainly focus on analysis and optimisation, purchasing and procurement of media production services and production management for media productions. Initially only available in German, an English version of the website was added to allow the Hamburg production agency to better serve its clients from other European countries.