NETWØRK is the production agency for media production in Hamburg.

We are a production agency for much more than just print productions. What was once called the “black art” is now referred to as media production. Although no longer art, it certainly is an enormous cost factor for many companies. Billions are spent on media products in Germany. Whether it involves catalogues or marketing materials, for dialogue marketing or POS, whether customer or employee magazines, packaging or advertisements, whether print, online or mobile, the production costs money - quite often too much, we think.

Our business process management can save you a lot of money and eliminate a lot of idle time - without sacrificing quality. A modern content management system also helps increase efficiency in media production. And these are just two of the services NETWØRK provides.

NETWØRK has served the European market as a supply chain manager for print production and media production since 1994. We developed a well thought-out, modular system that allows us to assist and advise you on all or individual aspects. The different areas are expertly handled by our team and our production agency's network so that your media is produced in top quality and in the most effective, economical and expeditious way possible.

Produktioner, Produktionsagentur


  Sönke Martensen
  Managing director

  Member of
  German association of media producer
  (Fachverband Medienproduktioner f:mp.)

Sönke Martensen XINGProduktionsagentur ist die für Medienproduktion in Hamburg, München, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin