Moderation on the priint:day

Within a period of only five years, priint:day has become Germany’s largest gathering for the publishing industry. The number of attendees has risen each year. In 2012, more than 200 persons attended. The focus is on topics in cross-channel marketing, cross-channel publishing, PIM, digital asset management, web-to-print, database publishing and e-commerce.

Our managing director Sönke Martensen moderated the priint: day

The motto of the 5th priint:day – “Change”. Our world is changing faster than ever. Online and mobile media are bringing about a fundamental transformation in how we communicate. What trends can we expect? How will we handle technical innovations in products and organisation? How will we deal with change as human beings? What changes are happening in communication? How will the roles of agencies, media service providers and printers change? Experts will provide answers to these questions in more than 30 presentations and workshops.

Consider the following anecdote: A professor hands out thebquestions for the final examination. One of the studentsbjumps up and exclaims: “But sir, these are the same questions that you gave us in the previous exam!” “Yes,” says the professor, “but the answers have changed.”

The 6th priint:day will be held on 26-27. May 2014 at Schloss Montabaur convention center instead. Modern High's motto is: "innovation".

Organizer: WERK II Medien- und Informationsgesellschaft mbH

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